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Steve Jobs And His New Balance 991 Shoes

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Steve kicks.

It’s a sad day. Steve Jobs is dead. He will forever be an inspiration to countless people believing they too can change the world.

With Steve’s personal wardrobe choices over the last decade however, he did little changing himself.

You could always count on seeing Steve Jobs in his black mock turtleneck, Levi’s 501 jeans, and a pair of New Balance 991 shoes.

When New Balance discontinued the NB 991 to replace it with the (better, faster, longer lasting – tech humor, people) updated NB 992, Steve could be seen at times sporting that model as well.

Three months ago, New Balance announced that they were bringing back the classic 991 silhouette as part of their “Made In USA” Fall 2011 collection. If only we could reissue Steve Jobs as easily.

Despite coupling Apple with Nike for the highly successful Nike+ iPod system over the last several years, Jobs stayed loyal to his classic grey New Balance sneakers.

Unfortunately, it’ll be tough to fill these shoes again.

Rest in peace, Steve.

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Comments (7)

RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for giving the world some of the all time greatest technological advancements

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RIP Steve Jobs, you will be missed. Greatest innovator of my life.

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NB lost a very loyal customer.. see ya next time steve!!!

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Steve Jobs was a true genius and one of the great people of our time. We’ll miss him and his iconic NB’s forever.

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STEVE JOBS WAS NOT A TRUE GENIUS! Unless you want to count his genius in being a marketer. Please get this straight people! He uses marketing to make people believe he’s this mad, genius inventor. Then people believe in the marketing, and thus think he’s a genius. Not aware that it’s the marketing doing that to them!!

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Thanks steve! Even very good companies can have many A team players and never have the impact that Apple has had. steven p jobs knew he had to have great people but he also had the vision to see big picture possibilities no one else understood. His Reality Distortion Field was a necessary component so he could negotiate inside and outside of his companies. He had to convince employees his way was right (even if the ideas were originally theirs) and he had to convince entire industries (music, movie, etc.) to change how they had done business for a long time to survive in the digital age. Apple still has a lot of talented people, but there will not be another leader who can make deals with so many different industry leaders like steve jobs did and have such a grasp of all the elements it takes or even what the ultimate goal should be. steve learned a lot from his failures at NeXT where he had free reign on all decisions because it was totally his company. He really believed that by making great products at Apple, NeXT, and Pixar that he was making a difference in the world – and he did. I am very sad for his family and his friends through his life as they know even with all his faults, he did make the world a better place. But we all lose people in our lives and you learn that their memory never leaves you. In a way they helped make who you are and that part of them stays with you. While we can all learn from him to appreciate art and to specify what we want in different aspects of life, there are few who have even close to the vision he has. The closest to having his vision are CEOs who got their companies to the point of being leading companies or world leaders who improved their countries position in the world. I miss steven p jobs and I never knew him but I love his products. I’ve been using Macs since 1989 and my child was born in 1995 so she got to grow up watching Pixar movies. I wish I had gotten to at least see steve jobs at some big production introduction. But like much of the world I tuned in to watch them on the internet. Thank you steven p jobs and thanks to his family and all the Apple employees who helped him along the way.

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Those are 992’s. And I have ‘em.

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