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NBA Kicks: Rose Vs. Paul – One Night Only

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Not much time.

Derrick Rose and Chris Paul battled last night in their first, and only, matchup against each other this shortened season, giving fans a very quick glance at who might come out on top of the “Who’s the better point?” debate. So who came out on top?

Judging by the Bulls’ 114-101 win and Rose’s load carrying 29, 8, 16 and 1 to CP3’s 15, 4, 14 and 4, you might say Rose did. And you’d be right. But you might also say that CP3 can put up points AND make his fellow gamers Blake, DeAndre and Caron better with pinpoint spot-finding. And you’d be right. Stats, wins, moves. Maybe all of these things factor into the argument. Maybe they don’t. You figure it out.

In any case, there they were, Derrick in his adidas adiZero Rose 2 “Away” and Paul in his blue Jordan CP3.V. Should the Miami Heat and OKC Thunder somehow not make the 2012 NBA Finals, and the Bulls and Clippers step onto that biggest of basketball stages, then we can restart the debate. And figure out who’s got the better Finals sneakers. Til then, enjoy a quick look at these two blue chips in their single meeting this season.

Oh and there’s some other kicks to check out. Get to it…

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…PAUL is a better ALL-AROUND player @ this point. ROSE is still mainly a SLASHER.

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Lol, Rose is 5-0 v. Paul, Rose finally has a some good scoring support, and not only topped Paul in the expected categories, he tops Paul on assists too.

Only dreamers believe in Chris Paul(who’s a good player, but never dominant because the dude won’t average more than 15 shots, and then starts passing bad passes, to shooters in even worse positions). Paul portrays the ‘ideal’ from the John Wooden’s era, but guess what, that’s obsolete, you can’t have a Point Guard that hides from scoring during crunch time, especially if he’s supposedly the best player on the team, and that’s exactly what Chris Paul does, he hides when it matters most.

Rose is BY FAR the better Point Guard, AND Player. Rose does whatever it takes to win, and now he has someone who can finish from everywhere in Rip, you’ll see more of the complete Rose(which all the Bulls fans already know) because the other guys will finish his passes now, and the D can’t cheat on just covering him(ergo the 8 made 3-PT’s, Paul only took 6 attempts so far).

Go Bulls!!!

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…all that was for nothing NENE.

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what can I say? I love them both, CP3’s court vision is still better IMO, but Rose is a beast, 29 points, 8 rebounds and 16 assists? I think it’s fair to say Derrick won this duel.

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Er, “all that was for nothing, Nene?”, was that the best that you can do? I like both players, but Nene’s right, Rose is the more complete player at this point. His athleticism (not to mention improving shot) creates so much problems for the defense that it frees others up. Let’s not forget his finishing abilities as well. CP3 is the prototypical pg, who can run an offense to the tee, but there’s no question who a defender would rather face during crunch time, 24 seconds to go, winner-takes all situation; CP3

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