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Will Bynum Gets More Input At Above The Rim So He Ditched Nike. And More Things Said In This Interview

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Will Bynum checks in with ATR.

Last week, Detroit Pistons point guard Will Bynum took time from working out at Attack Athletics – which has been his second home during the NBA lockout – to team up with the National Runaway Switchboard for their 12th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner that helps raise the public’s awareness of issues surrounding runaway, homeless and at-risk youth as part of National Runaway Prevention Month.

Counterkicks caught up with Bynum to talk about his decision to part ways with the Swoosh and pair up with Above the Rim.

Aside from the Q&A you’ll read below, Bynum talked about ATR making an Under Armour grassroots-like-movement to help push awareness for a brand that prides itself on understanding players and dedicating itself to helping them Rise.

CounterKicks: You’ve been a Nike guy for a long-time, going back to your high school days. What led to you joining ATR?

Will Bynum: I had a few deals on the table with Nike, Reebok and K1X and I choose Above The Rim. When I met with Above The Rim, it was a total family atmosphere. I had a lot of input in creating my shoe. My shoe is a little bit different because I actually did everything. I was involved with every step in making the shoe, step-by-step. It’s for people that play the style of game that I play. It fits my feet well. Everyone in the Above The Rim family is just like me. We’re humble individuals who want to succeed, want to learn and want to grow. I couldn’t turn down that opportunity.

CK: With the input you’ve had in helping design your shoes, what’s been some of the things that you’ve stressed?

Bynum: I’m looking for a light shoe that’s grippy on the court; that makes that [squeak] sound every time that I stop. I’m obsessed with that sound. I have to have that. I can’t be sliding all over the court. It has to be firm around the edges so I won’t worry about rolling my ankles because I’ve had some ankle injuries and that’s been tough. It has to grip your foot like a sock and that’s what the shoes do. It’s the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn.

CK: When did you first hear about Above The Rim?

Bynum: I had been talking to them the whole year. I was talking to them all last year when I was in Nike’s. I got to meet with them out in LA and after that, it was a done deal.

CK: Was the input part a huge part in your decision to go with ATR?

Bynum: That was the main reason. I have so much input in what’s going on and the people there. I can’t say enough about how cool the people are. They listen and it’s not just “wear this shoe,” “Put on this shoe,” “This is the shoe you’re going to wear.” They want to hear every input and they want you to step out there and tell them and they actually listen to everything that you’re saying and doing. I couldn’t turn that down because it’s one of those things that comes once in a lifetime.

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Nice story.. it does not say the shoe price or where we can buy them if lookin to do so.. also is wat is bynums shoe called?

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Well, it’s not like Bynum deserved his own shoe with Nike anyway. Good riddance. He had decent stats cuz he was a decent player on a scrubby squad. Who cares what kind of shoe Will Bynum wants? There are a ton of guys way more deserving of a sig shoe who only get PE’d and special color ways.

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Are you seriously pleading for more GENERIC shoes there Titus?

A while back you mentioned you’re into design heavily, so why on Earth be negative about someone who wants to bring some personality back to the game, basketball has gotten too ‘grey’ as is, already.

We need more personalities, not more hate if someone’s different.

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Is that what you got from my post? Oh my.

I didn’t think I’d have to explain further, but if you read the article, Bynum left Nike cuz he wasn’t getting the attention he got from ATR. He felt that ATR included him in he design process from the ground up. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but that sounds like he got a signature shoe. Signature shoes are reserved for signature players, and I can name 15 players under contract with the swoosh that should get a shoe before Bynum.

Being generic has nothing to do with it, and more along the lines of building a shoe with the exact specifications of a top player, versus building one to the exact specifications of a decent player.

Think about how many signature shoes have had their tech translated to other styles. It trickles down, but if the highest ATR is aiming for is Bynum, then cool for him.


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Titusmark you a mark. Why you hating on Thrill. He got mad game, he’s humble, he’s in the record books. My man deserves a shoe and he got one. Deal with it. Loser.

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…if BYNUM wants to bring out his OWN shoe with his OWN money thats fine.But,dont expect a MAJOR shoe company(especially NIKE) to give you a SIGNATURE SHOE when you are not even one of the TOP 5 PGs in the ENTIRE LEAGUE. I have seen this guy play(NBA LEAGUE PASS) and he is EXCITING @ times.But,i think he’s asking for a LITTLE TOO MUCH.Now if your name was BLAKE GRIFFEN,DIRK NOWITZKI,STEVE NASH,DeRON WILLIAMS,BRANDON ROY(before the knee injury) then you might have a case.Cause none of these guys have their OWN SHOE.

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