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Theophilus London Tells Us About Solo Movie Runs, New Balances & His New Kanye-Produced Album

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At the New Balance “Made in USA” event on June 4, we had a chance to speak with the Theophilus London. Always someone who is unique in his fashion with a fresh pair of kicks on his feet, Theophilus took a few minutes to share some thoughts with us and discuss his style, his love of sneakers and even his new work with Kanye West.


CounterKicks: Thanks for taking some time to talk with us.

Theophilus London: What’s up, man?

CK: Obviously you have a really unique style. How important is that Individualism to you? Has that been something you’ve always focused on, even from when you were a kid?

London: Yeah, it’s something I focus on a lot. Even since my early years, I mean I don’t want to say childhood because I wasn’t really concerned with fashion as a child to be honest, but you know, early teenager life, I knew it would be important, because there’s a lot of people in the world and you know for me and what I’m doing, I wanted to be unique about it, but wanted to mostly be myself. I don’t care about being different, I knew what I was doing was going to be different regardless so I didn’t have to worry about being different. I just had to worry about being myself and it takes a long time to find out your identity. You know, you gotta make mistakes, you gotta take yourself out on dates, you gotta go shopping with yourself until you figure it out and once you figure it out, don’t change it.

CK: Now you just mentioned doing things by yourself and I recall reading something you wrote where you talked about going to the movies by yourself, and having places to vibe out and relax on your own. Is that something you try to make sure you always get to do?

London: Yeah man that’s super, super important. I actually just went to the movies today.

CK: What did you see? How was it?

London: I saw Ida. It was cool. It was kinda this Polish movie about the old days so I was kind of like shaken up.

Click ahead to read about Theophilus London’s sneaker game and when to expect his new Kanye-produced album…

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